Electronic Trade Company was created in May, 1991. Originally our activity was related to the import of components and the assembly of ‘yellow’ computers. Gradually we started the production of controllers for peripheral devices, which couldn’t be found on the market or have extremely high prices. We continued with the construction of local nets and the connection to remote nets through telephone modems. At the same time there was a group, developing program assurance by order. That way it was created a product, catering for hospitals and polyclinics. One year later it was created program assurance for monitoring of supervising centre and alarm and safety equipment of remote bank branches. In 1995 we started developing Microprocessor Traffic Light Controllers (MTLC) for traffic control trough traffic light systems. Such a controller was installed for 72 hour running test and it has been working flawlessly until nowadays. In 1997 we created its bettered version, able to cater for theoretically unlimited crossings and in 1998 we realized the, so called, ‘green wave’ between 12 Sofia crossings. That helped for the creation of our own telephone modems. They are conformable to the specific work conditions – wide temperature range, extremely high humidity, mechanical vibrations, electrical and radio interferences. We have been maintaining permanent contacts with the firm OSRAM since 1999. We equip our traffic systems with their electric lamps or light emitting diodes (LEDs) with extremely long life and minimal expenditure of energy. In 2002 we created a third bettered version of the traffic light controller, allowing work with telephone and GSM modems, at the same time. Controllers of the series MTLC 32 and MTLC 64 are working nowadays in Sofia, Kustendil, Veliko Turnovo, Botevgrad, Sunny Beach, Veliki Preslav and the tunnels Praveshki Hanove and Trajanovi Vrata. There are also constructed dispatcher centers for control and monitoring, working with our own program assurance, etc.